"For twenty-five years the members of Jersey Devil have been constructing their own designs while living on site in tents or Airstream trailers, and making adjustments to their structures in response to problems encountered during the building process.

Jersey Devil is a name that has been attached to work by Steve Badanes, John Ringel, Jim Adamson, or any combination of the above, plus other people who have participated in their diverse projects. This loose-knit group of designer-builders has created projects that critique conventional practice, both the process of making architecture and the accepted definitions of architecture itself."

"Jersey Devil's architecture shows a concern for craft and detail, an attention to the expressiveness of the construction materials, and a strong environmental consciousness."

quote from Devils Workshop: 25 Years of Jersey Devil Architecture: Susan Piedmont-Palladino + Mark Allen Branch

jersey devil

Jim Adamson
the general
Steve Badanes
the voice
John Ringel
the optimator